Why Choose Body Therapy Massage & Spa?

We know we’re not the only massage, facial, and body waxing game in town. There are many spas and local spots where you can receive the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of our services. So what makes us different? Why come to Body Therapy Massage & Spa?We believe our difference is upheld in our Core Values:

1.    J.U.I.C.E – Join Us In Creating Energy We know that we are energetic beings. Every person impacts the energy of the room in a positive way – some people impact it positively when they walk in, and some when they walk out. Our team is committed to creating a space where you feel our positive energy when you walk into our space. We love to laugh, we love to joke, and we love to treat our clients with a smile! We believe in co-creating a Culture of Care for each other and everyone we engage with.  If you walk in after having a bad day, we aim for you to walk out feeling the opposite.

2.    Consistency is the Key to Excellence.That is, consistency without same-ness. We aim for consistent excellence but team members bring their own flair and definition to what excellence means. We know that our services are a balance between art and science. All of our massage therapists and estheticians are licensed. But they are each, also, artists. Monet and Picasso had very different styles and are both considered among the greatest in their style of art. We view our team in such the same way. If you don’t like someone’s style we encourage you to try someone else on the team. It will be a different style, but they will be excellent at it!

3.    An Environment that supports Education continuously motivates Excellence. Our team continues to invest in educating themselves in their field of expertise. Moreover, as a team, we strive to learn together. All of that education means nothing if we don’t share it with YOU.We strive to educate our clients about our services. This starts with every session including a pre-brief. New clients should anticipate a longer discussion as your therapist or esthetician gets to know you, your history, and your goals for why you came here. We ALSO include debriefs following our sessions.  The purpose of debriefing is to allow the professional to educate you on what they found during their session, at home after-care necessary to continue working towards your goals, and a recommended return timeframe.We know when we blend J.U.I.C.E, Consistency and Education, you’ll notice the difference at Body Therapy Massage & Spa, and why we’re more than a place that provides bodywork services.

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