What are the different types of facials?

One of our most frequently asked questions is “what is the difference between the facials you offer?”

First – let’s address what is the same about all of them:·     All of our facials are performed by a licensed esthetician.·     All of our facials are customizable – meaning the esthetician will pick products that pair best with your skin type and the goals you want to achieve.·     All of our facials use Eminence products. The company is based out of Hungary, and offers 100% natural and organic products. That’s Certified Organic by European standards, which are much higher standards than the U.S. currently holds.

Our base or standard facial is our Custom Facial. The Custom Facial is 60 minutes long and includes:
Double Cleanse
Deep Exfoliation Process w/ Steam
Neck & Shoulder Massage
A Serum that meets the needs of your skin
Deep Hydration treatment
Lip & Eye Treatment

Sometimes, you just need a quick clean. Something that gets you in-and-out quickly, but still leaves you feeling refreshed and your skin rejuvenated. Something that allows you to break away from the craziness of a stressful life. This is where our Express Facial fits in. Our Express Facial is 30 minutes long, and includes a cleansing and exfoliation process with a masque and hydration treatment. This quick deep clean does not include the extraction process, which is the process by which the esthetician removes black and white heads from the pores on your face.

While sometimes a quick clean is necessary, other times a deep relaxation is necessary. If that’s the case for you – the European Facial is your choice. The European Facial is 90 minutes in length, and includes everything in the Custom Facial. It ALSO includes a foot and calf massage, a scalp massage, and your choice of either an eyebrow wax OR a custom foot scrub to exfoliate your feet.

Another one of our most frequently asked questions – should men get facials? We like to answer that question with a question: Do men have skin? If so – then absolutely! Men can also benefit from the rejuvenating benefits of facials. We even have products suitable for men with facial hair that will help the skin underneath and in turn, help the hair grow healthier.

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