Have you carved out time for yourself recently?

You’ve probably spent the season carving faces into pumpkins. Now you’re getting ready for carving the Turkey. Have you taken the time to carve out time in your schedule for yourself for a massage?

Whether you’ve had a massage before, surely you had some preconceived ideas of what the massage was for. Maybe you came in as a treat for yourself, or to reap the benefits of relaxation. Maybe you slept on your neck wrong and needed some relief from a tense or cramped muscle. Maybe you’re an athlete who needed to give your hard-worked muscles a break.

Whatever the reason for your curiosity, there are a number of reasons regular (meaning monthly appointments or more frequently) massage is becoming more of a mainstream treatment option, not just a luxury you treat yourself to once in a while. Here are a few of the top benefits of massage:

It is relaxing. We live in an ever-connected world where every buzz, beep and ding could lead to another grain of sand on the beaches of stress. As stress increases, the body responds in a multitude of unhealthy ways including:
Tense muscles
Increased levels of cortisol
Digestive Issues
Weight Gain

Regular massage – and the regular opportunity to unplug and unwind – allows the body to enter recovery mode.

It reduces stress. Not only is regular massage a break from a stressful life, but regular monthly massages help keep stress reduced between sessions the longer it remains a part of your regular self-care routine.  The prolonged massage sessions can boost energy, reduce pain, and also promote emotional healing.

Massage was once considered a fringe, luxury purchase when you wanted to treat yourself or to celebrate a special occasion. Now it is considered a mainstream treatment option for numerous conditions. We believe in helping our clients treat themselves and promote their overall health.

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