Forests for the Future

As we approach the holiday season, we’re all starting to look at our gifting list and determine who we are shopping for.

Aunts and Uncles
Nieces and Nephews
Kids Teachers
And the list goes on.

Don’t you love it when you purchase products that pay it forward in the world? We do, too!

That’s why we LOVE the Eminence product line and feature it in our spa! Not only are the products Organic by European Standards (which are significantly higher than they are in the U.S.) – they also plant a tree for every product purchased.

That’s right! Buy a Product. Plant a tree.

We’ve stocked our shelves with our favorites for the season! If you’re in the area and looking for gifts – be sure to stop in and see what we have. Not only will you be gifting a high quality product to the ones you love, you’ll also be doing good for the environment.

Why Choose Body Therapy Massage & Spa?

We know we’re not the only massage, facial, and body waxing game in town. There are many spas and local spots where you can receive the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of our services. So what makes us different? Why come to Body Therapy Massage & Spa?We believe our difference is upheld in our Core Values:

1.    J.U.I.C.E – Join Us In Creating Energy We know that we are energetic beings. Every person impacts the energy of the room in a positive way – some people impact it positively when they walk in, and some when they walk out. Our team is committed to creating a space where you feel our positive energy when you walk into our space. We love to laugh, we love to joke, and we love to treat our clients with a smile! We believe in co-creating a Culture of Care for each other and everyone we engage with.  If you walk in after having a bad day, we aim for you to walk out feeling the opposite.

2.    Consistency is the Key to Excellence.That is, consistency without same-ness. We aim for consistent excellence but team members bring their own flair and definition to what excellence means. We know that our services are a balance between art and science. All of our massage therapists and estheticians are licensed. But they are each, also, artists. Monet and Picasso had very different styles and are both considered among the greatest in their style of art. We view our team in such the same way. If you don’t like someone’s style we encourage you to try someone else on the team. It will be a different style, but they will be excellent at it!

3.    An Environment that supports Education continuously motivates Excellence. Our team continues to invest in educating themselves in their field of expertise. Moreover, as a team, we strive to learn together. All of that education means nothing if we don’t share it with YOU.We strive to educate our clients about our services. This starts with every session including a pre-brief. New clients should anticipate a longer discussion as your therapist or esthetician gets to know you, your history, and your goals for why you came here. We ALSO include debriefs following our sessions.  The purpose of debriefing is to allow the professional to educate you on what they found during their session, at home after-care necessary to continue working towards your goals, and a recommended return timeframe.We know when we blend J.U.I.C.E, Consistency and Education, you’ll notice the difference at Body Therapy Massage & Spa, and why we’re more than a place that provides bodywork services.

We’re going to be out and about!

We are going to be out and about at many events this coming month. Take a look at what’s going on – come say hello! We’ll have drawings, chair massage and more waiting for you!

Saturday, November 2nd
Early Admission 8am-10am, General Admission 10am-4pm
Rochester High School (180 S Livernois Rd)
We will have chair massage so you can relax while you peruse the various vendors at this show. Tickets for the event are $5/person, and must be purchased online PRIOR to the event if you would like early admission from 8am-10am. Tickets are available at the door after 10am.
Get your tickets here!

Sunday, November 3rd
Packard Proving Ground (49965 Van Dyke Ave, Shelby Twp)
A celebration of creative and flavorful plant-based cuisine and healthy living. East MI VegBash 2019 will be the area’s largest veg event and the third annual edition of the popular event series held at the picturesque Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site in Shelby Twp. VegBash was founded in response to an outpouring of interest by vegetarians, vegans and those simply wishing to lead a healthier lifestyle. This unique event features the food of many outstanding restaurants and chefs, a wide variety of shopping vendors offering animal-free products and wellness services, expert presentations on plant-based living, engaging cooking demonstrations, delicious food samples, networking with community leaders, free 10-minute massage, and much more. The event will be housed inside two historic buildings adjoining an outdoor food court where leading food trucks will serve vegan meals, snacks and drinks. Advance tickets are $8 and include $3 in concession vouchers and door prize drawing entry. Tickets are $10 at the door. On-site parking is free.
Get your tickets here!

Monday, November 11th 5pm-8pm
Royal Park Hotel (600 E University Dr)
Get a jump on your holiday shopping or discover some new businesses in the greater Rochester area. Free admission, light refreshments, door prizes and more!
*Please note we will be closing the spa early (at 4:30pm) for our team to participate in this event.
Monday, November 25th 6pm-9pm
Mantra Vie (404 S Main St)
Join us in downtown Rochester when we offer our community Lagniappe (Creole for “a little something extra”) in appreciation for the support throughout the year. We will be joining Mantra Vie for the festivities!
The lights will officially light-up downtown Rochester at 7:00 pm. Make sure to bring your cameras because kids will then have the opportunity to share their Christmas lists with Santa from 7:15 – 9:00 pm. In addition, there will be free horse-drawn carriage rides from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. There will also be a number of free holiday music performances to help visitors get into the holiday spirit!
*Please note we will be closing the spa early (at 5:30pm) for our team to participate in this event.

No Judgements Here!

When working in close proximity with another individual, sometimes you might wonder if things can get a little too personal. Here are a few situations that are very natural that your technician won’t think twice about during your session.

1.    Gas. Everybody passes gas. It’s a fact of life. It’s also a natural body function for releasing gases produced during the digestion process. Some foods simply create more gas than others. When you are relaxed, your digestive function is influenced – it relaxes as your body relaxes. This is beneficial for your digestive system, as it moves more fluidly! However, this means that it is more likely gas will be released. This is the same reason many people feel the need to use the restroom right after their massage.  If you pass a little gas, don’t worry, your technician won’t judge. In fact, trying to clench and keep it in might undo the relaxation you’re trying to accomplish.

2.    Weight. Most people feel self-conscious about some part of their body. We unfortunately live in a society that plays on that self-consciousness – with stick thin ladies and 12-pack abs gentlemen in nearly every advertisement, followed by another diet or pill plan that can help you achieve that aim – it’s easy for us to judge ourselves about our bodies, and assume a new stranger might as well.Fortunately, your therapist and esthetician is far more interested in you taking care of yourself than what your body looks like. They are more interested in working with you on achieving your goals for taking care of yourself in the best way they can. You’re never too big, or too small, to let your size be what keeps you from taking care of YOU.

3.    Being Touched. Sometimes it’s not a weight issue that causes self-consciousness. Sometimes, we just don’t want certain areas to be touched. This is more common in massage, where areas like the glutes, belly, thighs or feet may be worked on.Your therapist is far more concerned with how the tissues in an area are functioning than in the way they look. A therapist is judging the structure of your body – the muscles, connective tissues, etc. – and how they can help you improve its movement. And if you’re still uncomfortable being touched in a certain area – PLEASE DO NOT be embarrassed sharing that with your therapist.  It is their role to help you relax, not leave you feeling uncomfortable.

4.    Taking off your Clothes. Your massage therapist or esthetician will likely advise you to undress to your comfort level. For some – this means removing all of their clothing. For others – this means removing very little. If that is your preference – RIGHT ON! You should never feel pressured to take more clothing off than you feel comfortable with. Your massage therapist can work over clothing, and your esthetician can avoid skin areas that remain covered by clothing. However, in a massage session, it is important to know that the massage while clothed has very different results than massage without fabric covering the skin where oil cannot be used.Most clients find themselves in a happy medium with leaving their underwear on. Regardless of your preference, you remain modestly draped under a sheet and blanket for the duration of your service. Only the area the therapist is working on is exposed, and is placed back under the blankets once that area is complete.

5.    Your Health History. While Body Therapy Massage & Spa is not a medical facility, your technician will ask you questions about your health history, and your prescriptions. We recognize the trust you are placing in us, and hold your privacy as our highest priority. Your information is never shared or divulged. Your technician will need to know what is going on, as certain medications and health conditions impact the products we use (especially during facials), or how your body will respond (especially during massages). If you are unsure as to why your therapist or esthetician needs to know certain information, please feel free to ask them during the pre-brief. They will be happy to share.

6.    Your Income. We will never ask you for income specific details – but we also recognize not everyone can afford regular massage and facials. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients is how often they should be coming in. The answer can be as often as every week, but for most individuals a monthly massage and facial is enough for maintenance. Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t have the whole enchilada every month. Our Platinum Membership Plan is designed to reward our clients who come in for our services on a regular basis, and leaves them an opportunity to spoil themselves with a little something extra when their budget allows.

7.    You Didn’t Shave. Your technician won’t judge you for your body hair. Again, your therapist and esthetician are most concerned about you helping to take care of YOU. Whether it’s your legs, arms, armpits or other areas that you are self-conscious of for not shaving – there’s no need to worry. 

8.    Ladies: You are on your cycle. Your menstrual cycle is a very normal bodily function. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. If you are experiencing any symptoms related to your period (acne, cramping, bloating, constipation, etc.) – please let your technician know during the pre-brief. Chances are, they have a solution they can offer to help. This can include special products for hormonal skin during a facial, or stretches that your therapist can show you that may help with cramps. Your technicians are on your self-care team – feel free to ask for their expertise to help you!